Which mattress is best for sleeping?

Do you want to know which the best mattress to sleep well is? There are many mattresses among which we can choose and knowing which is the best suited to rest is not always easy. Next, we tell you what you should consider before choosing the best mattress to sleep.

What are the characteristics of a mattress that will help us rest?

To choose the option onbest mattressto sleep well, we must first take into account several issues that will help us determine the characteristics of the type of mattress most suitable for each person. In other words, we do not all need the same type of mattress to sleep well and rest daily. There is no mattress for everyone; there is an ideal mattress for everyone.

Anyway, here are some clues to find the best mattress for you:

Do you sleep alone or accompanied?

Rest is very different when a person is alone on his mattress or when he is doing it with someone else. In this case, the movement of your companion can disturb your rest by making the mattress move in time or even sink in half. Although this hunger is minimal, it can cause your body to sleep offering resistance to falling, so that rest is not complete and may even cause muscle pain and contractures due to a forced posture.

In this respect, mattresses with a good independence of beds are ideal. There is no specific material to determine which is better than another. The basic factor is to be able to adapt to each of the bodies at rest, offering adequate resistance and avoiding malformation of the mattress: foam and viscoelastic mattresses, for example, adapt to each figure and its weight, maintaining the space between both intact and without transmitting motion. Another good example is the mattresses of pocket springs of the last generation, which have a unique adaptation to each person, keeping the intermediate zone free and totally isolated from the movement of each of the couple.

Do you usually get hot at night?

If the answer is yes, we recommend that you opt for a rather cool mattress. For example, a spring mattress would be a good option. On the other hand, if at night you usually go cold, it is more advisable to choose a type of mattress that conserves heat more easily; for example, a latex mattress.

Do you have any allergies or back problems?

You must take into account any type of allergy, injury or back problem, and choose your mattress based on this.

Back problems: Those who suffer from any pathology that prevents sleep will know the importance of a mattress appropriate to their needs. In school we have worked hard with researchers to get the model that best adapts to different pathologies to get a comfortable and restful rest to ensure a better quality of life.

Allergy problems: When you buy a mattress, in general, it is important to check its resistance against mites, bacteria, fungi, etc. But even more so if you usually suffer from respiratory conditions in relation to these or skin reactions.