Mattress Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

If you cannot fall asleep or get back pain in the morning, maybe it’s time to choose the right mattress. In the sea of ​​products of different quality and presentation, how to choose a good mattress without a wire core, which will, above all, enable the natural position of the body while lying?

A modern lifestyle in which a lot of time is spent in a sitting position, for a computer or in a car, affects the more frequent occurrence of disturbances in the form of spinal columns, joints, morning stiffness, and the like. Such a way of life leads to weakening of the back and abdominal muscles, whose strength and tone should support the spinal column. One of the causes that contribute to the difficulties of manifested earlier is the inadequate choice of bed (mattress) for sleep and rest. When making choices, the quality of the material (type of foam and density of the same) should be kept in mind, the structure of the core (with or without zones), the possibility of removing and washing the mattress.

Sleepers should not be hard or too soft

The hard bearing leads to increased pressure on the exposed parts of the body when lying (in the shoulder and pelvis area, and to a lesser extent in the head, knee and ankles), which increases the tension of the spine musculature and changes its physiological position. The result is an irregular spine load and the development of degenerative changes on it, as well as a disturbed sleep. A soft bearing allows irregular curvature of the spine with the same or similar consequences. The bed together with the mattress should have an optimal tonus and ability to adapt to the shape of the body. It is necessary to support the body, especially the spinal column, maintaining its physiological position while lying down. This makes relaxation and relaxation of the spine and prevents its neo-physiological curvature.

  • Ergonomically speaking, healthy sleep can only be achieved by cores of cold cast foam with a density greater than 45 or latex, which with different perforations achieve a hardness difference, the zonal accompanying part of the head, shoulders, waist, pelvis, ankles, and foam memories, which, a contour under the body would be made and thus the pressure of the body would be relieved, it must be higher than 7 cm and the corresponding density, according to the weight of the sleeper.

Proper Interaction

For the mattress, it is also important to interact with the core and the coating. In order to keep the material in the core for a long period of time, it is point-sensitive and provides an active air-conditioning for sleeping, with excellent moisture and heat balance, in order to be antibacterial and thus provide the greatest comfort, it needs to have a suitable removable cover, with a washing option at 600 degrees machines, because mites are destroyed at that temperature. For the skin are extremely pleasant supplements enriched with cellulose tinsel fibers.

Bed linings are important for the quality of sleep and the proper position of the body as well as the mattress without the wire core. Their function is to emphasize the adjustability of the mattress and provide it with a longer lifetime by taking weight from the body weight. Also, the airflow is more efficient in the bed slats, so the mattress will keep the necessary freshness for longer. In order to understand the importance of the backing for the motility of the mattress, it is best to try on the spot, at the store, with a blank mattress with and without a backing. Visit the site for Mattress sales 2019 and have all the necessary details regarding the same.

Thanks to our many years of experience and knowledge gained in cooperation with world-renowned experts in body ergonomics, we are in a position to provide every doubt and concern regarding the choice of sleeping systems, with logical explanation and real information.